How FoilPlus offers the best food packaging foil rolls in the market?

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When it comes to food, there are two things you cannot compromise on - the hygiene and the taste!! How better can you maintain the freshness of food than ensuring it is stored in the right packaging?

All about Aluminium Foil Rolls

Aluminium foil rolls are a boon to mankind - easy to use, holding the heat inside and compact enough to store. More than 90% of fast-food products are packaged. The reason being that Aluminium foil rolls are non toxic and strong corrosive resistant, that way maintaining the natural aroma of food and keeping it safe from any contaminants. That’s why aluminium foils, tapes or cuttings make such reliable packaging material

FoilPlus, a step ahead with Aluminum kitchen rolls

FoilPlus takes this usability a notch above. They are leading aluminium foil manufacturers that make their products eco-friendly- which means there is zero waste and no environmental impact! All their packaging products like aluminium foil roll, aluminium kitchen roll, disposable aluminium containers etc are 100% recyclable! This means that FoilPlus saves both energy consumed in manufacturing and harmful waste generated. The traditional aluminium foil manufacturing is a power-intensive process. With eco-friendly FoilPlus, the products are made using 90% lesser energy, since there is no mining involved.

Sustainable yet effective Aluminium Foil Rolls

FoilPlus started in 2010 with an aim to be resourceful to the Indian audience with the least impact on society. It’s parent company Ezee, wanted to contribute to the social sector of the economy- when it thought of helping through packaging, they thought why not make it sustainable packaging! A decade ago, aluminium foil itself was a bulky product to make, with excessive waste, even though it is used in a variety of places like restaurants, cafes, households, even specific industries like retail, automobile and pharma.

Behind the scenes of an Aluminium foil manufacturer!

However, the entire manufacturing unit of FoilPlus comes under the green categorymeaning hygiene and safety for both the employee and the consumers! To make innovation easier for the skilled workforce, the equipment and technology is constantly upgraded. But with innovation, comes the question of cost! That’s why FoilPlus is a step ahead of all the other players - it innovates ideas, maintains excellent quality standards and provides them at a cost-effective rate. Some of FoilPlus clients have been with them for many years,

The R&D labs are certified by international standards, hence every single product be it aluminium kitchen foil or aluminium foil rolls, they have undergone several quality tests before they hit the stands. Material durability, quality and tensile strength is also checked to ensure any product packed gets the maximum shelf-life. Apart from having brilliant minds in the R&D team, FoilPlus also has a dedicated workforce that looks into logistics. This is to ensure that all orders are addressed in a systematic manner, and in time! Right from shipping, to tracking bulk orders, renewing contracts or updating new requirements FoilPlus ensures a robust structure to meet clients needs on time without compromising shipping or product quality.

Bulk or Personal - get in touch!

If you too are looking to buy aluminium foil online, then just drop us a text or call us on +91 8698873397 and we will reach out to you with the best product at the best price in the market!